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Serial plotter script for your Arduino

Why this script?

This script was committed for a scientifical purpose by me. The initial commitment was by the Physics Department of La Sapienza University, Rome. They need an environment controller for their clean room10000 so I used an Arduino to handle backend aka the values detected by sensors and then this script to handle the front-end.

By clicking on this you can see the backend code.

What is?

A simple serial reader and plotter with a log function. The main idea is to use your Arduino controller’s output directly in your Python code.

In the next steps of this work, I will make the script a multithreading script.

Is a ready-to-implement code? No, you should shape to what you want to do by yourself.

How to use it:

Hack’n’play for your personal use.


This program will NOT work if you don’t have serial and plt modules so you should install them with your favorite repository tool:

If you’re using a Debian-Based release:

sudo apt-get install python-serial sudo apt-get install python-mat

Windows Users should download Linux or if you’re a Microsoft fan you should install Anaconda Environment.

This script is designed for both the operating systems.

And now take a look at GitHub’s page of the script.



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