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Mese: Febbraio 2017


Dialogo tra due fratelli nella taverna di Apocrypha… – Sometimes you feel tired, feel weak. You are alone versus all the whole world. I know that you are conscious you’re not alone, but I’m even sure that if you would be alone, you have the inner strength to manage all world’s problems alone. You’re one of the greatest person I’ve ever had the lucky to find in this strange road called life. Thank you for all you’ve done. Really. You’re important. You can do anything. – Thank you, but I can’t afford that, I’m not strong enough to do this! You know, sometime I just want to be a superhero, like the main characters in comics. – Why? – They always know what to do, how to behave and they always know how to protects and save who they love. – Fine, but… – But what? – Do you know what’s the main difference between a superhero and a normal man? – Superpowers? – Sure that’s a difference, but what’s the main one? – Oh man, I don’t know. – Superheroes aren’t real. Men are. – So what? – So it’s easy to be something that doesn’t exist, what’s really hard is in fact is to be a good friend, a good man, a good person. – Yeah but what if my whole world asks me to be a superhero? – World doesn’t need superheroes. Not before , not now , not later , not ever. – But it’s a world full of pain and cries. It’s not a good world. – Maybe a superheroes are what world deserves, but what really need are true people that aren’t expected to solve all the problems. And if you think that is easy to be a good friend or a good boyfriend/girlfriend, a good husband or a good wife, you’re doing it wrong. If you think that you can came and solve all others problem, you’re doing it wrong. What’s very hard in this world is “just” to be normal. It’s hard to walk next to your loved companions and respect their needs. So just stop wishing what isn’t real and start being what this world really need: YOU!